Whether you are going on tours in wind and weather, looking for the last seconds on the racetrack, or simply being the comfortable good-weather driver. We do not just offer a leather suit, but a solution for your requirements that is fully tailored to your needs.


With all the love for attention to detail, the protective effect of our product is of course the top priority. When choosing our materials, we therefore rely on the highest
quality and safety standards. Greatest care in the manufacture and continuous improvement of the product are our non-negotiable standards.




Standard Leather thickness


strong, durable and comfortable.

We also offer up to 1.6mm leather thickness on special request

From £775




Standard leather thickness


High comfort thanks to thinner but stronger leather.

Weight savings of up to 1kg depending on the rider size

From £995

This includes a tailor-made leather suit in individual design and perforation. Including our standard Class 1 protectors on the shoulder, elbow and knee / shin. Elbow sliders and knee sliders included in the price.


We create a free first draft based on your ideas and requests. There are almost no limits. Your design is always completely individual and unique.


We can make you a basic individual logo, name or start number in high quality. Alternatively, we can get our partner MIU PANDA to make you a unique special caricature, logo or number for £30.


Perforation means that the leather is made with extremely small holes to provide more airflow to the body of the rider. When perforating, the leather does not lose its tear resistance or stability.
The disadvantage of perforation is clearly the water permeability.
We can perforate all stretch panels, the chest, complete legs, arms and back areas. You choose!



25 Leather Colours

Choose between 25 different leather colours. We can also manufacture your desired colour with our special print process. When tanning and colouring the leather, only skin-compatible and approved substances are used.

Our standard protectors ...



Slider ...

Our knee sliders can be selected in 6 different colors, they are characterized by their anatomical shape and their special plastic mixture (80% polyurethane, 20% polyamide) for professional use. They are attached to the knee of the leather suit with Velcro as usual.

Our elbow sliders are also available in 6 different colors and are significantly softer than the knee sliders. If you manage to grind them down, you can simply replace them with screws.

Positive side effect; Both grinders have a protective effect when falling.

Lining ...

The inner lining of the leather suit contributes a large part to comfort and breathability. We offer it removable and firmly sewn. The standard color of the inner lining is black.

External protectors / sliders

Our external protectors are of course standard, also with our SAS-Tec more Safety Combo.

With all the love for attention to detail, the protective effect of our product comes first. A ll our integrated cold foam protectors are naturally CE certified. Thanks to our intensive cooperation with more than 50 different professional racing drivers, each of the 45 individual parts installed is  regularly checked and therefore undergoes continuous further development.

More options...

SAS-Tec more Safety Combo

From now on we also offer our leather suits with protectors from SAS-TEC. Our in-house protectors, which are also CE certified, are now the standard and the made in Germany SAS-TEC protectors can be booked as an option. They are many times less than the residual forces and are therefore not without reason one of the best protectors currently available on the world market.

Shoulder:€ 25.00

Knee / shin:€ 25.00

Move:€ 35.00

Chest:€ 35.00

Ribs:€ 25.00

Hip:€ 25.00

Elbow:€ 25.00

Coccyx:€ 20.00

We charge all prices per protector, except for the 2-part breast protector!

Airbag system ...

In the motorcycle world championships MotoGP, as well as WorldSBK mandatory for several years. Now also available from us for everyone:
We prepare your leather suit with additional stretch panels and mounting points inside the leather suit and integrate a sensor-controlled airbag system from Helite on request. The system is of course CE certified and has a guarantee of 2 years on the processing and the materials used. Register your airbag to extend the manufacturer's warranty from 2 to 4 years free of charge.
To register, you need a code and the serial number of the airbag system.

We also integrate other airbag systems.

A brand new technology for maximum protection on the race track and in traffic. A real revolution in protection and detection!