Terms and Conditions



ART. 1: Prices and quotations 
Rates may be revised upward after the realization of the model and presentation of the project to the factory, if the customer has a particular wish requiring extra manufacturing. The customer must however be informed and if he accepts it will pay the surcharge before starting production at the plant. Each price offer is valid one month after the date stated on the price offer. The acceptance and the signature of the price offer, implies the acceptance of the general conditions of sale. 
ART. 2: Order
An order is taken into consideration by our services only on return of the Mass Sports UK Measurement Form duly dated and signed by the customer.. 
ART. 3: Regulations 
Unless otherwise agreed, the regulations are payable in cash or BACS before starting the project. It will be paid in full before sending production to the factory. 
ART. 4: Delivery time and express delivery
The deadlines can be given as an indication and without guarantee, in any case the dealer (MAS Sports Uk by GR) can not be responsible for a delay of manufacture and delivery by the factory. A delay does not entitle the buyer to cancel the sale, to refuse the products or to benefit from damages, or prosecution. 
The amount of the shipping costs is defined on the price offer. 
If the customer chooses the express delivery by DHL, the customer will pay the taxes related to the express shipment, in no case MASS Sport, the dealer (MASS Sports UK by GR) will not pay this expense unless prior written agreement with the customer. 
ART. 5: Creation of models and designs
During the design creation, you will give the information to our graphic designer to make your model, either from an existing model that will modify to make it unique, or according to your wishes and your own ideas. 

Only two models will be realized, for any realization of additional models at the request of the customer, it will be the subject of an estimate which will have to be accepted and paid before any order to the factory. Once the model is presented you can ask to modify details as well as colors and of course the layout of your logos that you will take care to provide us by email in HD. We can make up to three modifications upon request as part of the promotional launch price. For any further modifications, charges will apply. We are able to include up to four logos on each arm, five logos on the chest and three on the back.
The ideal is in vectorized file, PNG or at least in PDF for the best rendering possible during the printing (we are not responsible for the quality of the logos provided, and consequently the final rendering when printing by factory.) 
Screenshots or other poor quality formats will be rejected.
The models and designs of MASS Sports products made, can be used for the communication of the brand on different media. 
Any reproduction of MASS Sports products by another brand is prohibited, without prior written agreement, under pain of prosecution. 
ART .6 Taking measurements 
It is imperative to fill in the Mass Sports UK Measurement Form, they are word files or PDF editable- fill them in on the computer and always send us back in word or PDF. 
You are responsible for your measurement (MASS Sport, the reseller MASS Sports UK by GR decline all responsibility in case of bad measurement on your part). Carefully follow the guide, position of the tape, position of the model. Remember to fill in your details which will be those for the delivery, telephone number is obligatory for the delivery service.. 
For all complaints, send a precise email with full description and photos, minimum response time is 15 working days. 
ART. 7: Carriage of goods and reception 
The goods travel at the risk of the recipients to whom it belongs to check the good condition at the time of delivery,
A defective part of the delivery can not motivate the rejection. Any claim, to be valid, must be made in writing within a week after receipt of the goods. 
ART. 8: In the event of a fall and degradation of the product MASS Sport, the dealer (MASS Sports UK by GR) is not responsible for the degradation and does not authorise the buyer to benefit from damages, or to prosecute. 
ART. 9: Jurisdiction 

The Contract (including any non-contractual matters) is governed by the law of England and Wales.. Disputes can be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of England. We try to avoid any dispute, so we deal with complaints in the following way: For all complaints, send a precise email with full description and photos. Minimum response time is 15 working days. 

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